Sunday, December 12, 2004

Paya Lebar Air Base RP! WTF!!!

Wa piang eh! In the end, it was not that what I predicted! WTF!

"WTF IS RP @ AIR BASE?!" this question probably appear on my mind a thousand times, asked by a few others too... I wish to know the answer too... sigh...

I gonna spend the rest of my 1 yr 10 months guarding the air base? Or to do the defenses too over there? Only time will tell... blog, I guess I'll have to stick with you again... my stress.. I NEED YOU!!!

Luckily, I managed to install all my old games on my sis com which surprisingly can run :D Wahahaha I love ya games! ^_^

Thursday, December 09, 2004

1 more day to results of posting! >_<

Ah gosh! >_< I'm scare man about the result that'll be coming...

Will I be posted to SISPEC? Medic? Signal? Driver? Or best of all, NSPF? I really have no idea...

Really I hope that they'll not post me to some siong unit... wait... I believe that I wanna be a sniper, because I find it meaningful to my NS life... ARGH! GOD! GUIDE ME!!! >_<

Anyway back to the main point... was rotting this few days, together with a SAKAE buffet alone yesterday, I guess I'm having a bad headache consider the fact I've been playing computer games too much! >_< But anyway, finally I've managed to hook back to my old friends from DOD, the CM, or rather, Cataclysm members :D But it seems they are so into themselves on the matches, competitiveness and probably the "brotherhood" in them, I seems to be ignored, but nevertheless, I expected it... I can't play DOD anyway too, due to my sis com, but I'm not complaining cause it can play old games and somemore it can surf net, very crucial...

Well, it can't watch anime much though cause it's laggy.... but well, I feel that I'll be gaining alot of weight after entering my new unit...

"Getting a new com or not getting a new com?"... this question seens to linger about me for quite a while already... I've always want a good com which can play games, and do what I want to do without lag, and most of all, to multitask... but hor, sigh... the money wise is a problem... my mum not really willin to get the money out, and my dad seems to be bothered about it too... For me, I also think that I might need the money for future studies... sigh, what should I do? T_T

I'm in a confused state, really confused. Having a bad headache, toothache and stress under posting results, I'm almost done for... Lucky I can get my hands on Final Fantasy 8 later, which I might be able to enjoy it at least for the next 5 days! >D

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Booking in blues part 7 (Next week POP)

Wow, considering how long have I not updating this blog... I guess I "desynced" myself to this blog quite badly...

It seems I missed out the entire 3 weeks activities... sigh... it was quite bad... My laptop breaks down, stressed to revive it but to no avail... In the end have to use sis com, which is running on 128 mb SD ram... omg...

Come to think of it, after reading my previous blogs, I find that I've alot of complains on little stuff like this and that, probably that's why I passed my days like years... sigh, quite bad of myself...

But woosh, before I know it, POP is just next week... time flies fast as a recruit... there's bad times and there's good times... It's really a memorable experience as a recruit together with those instructors of mine... Hopefully I still can type whatever I can remember...


IPPT PASSED! First time in my LIFE!

I've gotta thanks to my PC, for letting me off for the IPPT run and SOC (i'm really sick, never keng ok?), thanks to my section mates, for encouraging me to pull my 6th, thanks to Sgt Kenny for accepting the last pull up! Woo! Lastly I've gotta thanks my family for giving me food to eat previous weekends! Ah crap! >_<

Anyway, it was a great acchievements that I pass! >_< And to my surprise, I can do 5 1/2 proper pull up, which is already an acchievement! :D

CO night... Night of "Fire"...

When you get on "fire" your body burns, you feel heavy, and your forehead just heated up... or is it not? I got that during my CO night, which is suppose to be enjoyable. I'm just sitting there, feel like going back to bunk and sleep... ah.. -_-;;

But that's the one and only time where I can have my night snack... and the night snack was so...... tasteless... why? Cause not only I have a slight fever, I've a cough, running nose and last but not least, noseblock... another ah... -_-;;

But come to think of that, I survived CO parade this morning, which I intent to fall out... It seems I've "found another method to handle some stuff effectively..." More info coming soon ^_-

Drill team got SABOTAGED!!!

CB! We've lost the obese games day drill competition! Gosh... can't blamed anyone though... Platoon sergeant Solliqin have did his best (thus gotten his Best Drill Instructors award), the team did their best (expect a few which I don't wanna point finger), we've our fun in the game. Things went well too... sigh... but lots of us still feel the 30 pts cut off from the missing 3 guys was the factor that we lost. I do not wanna think too much except to book out fast, but when they reminded me of that, I don't feel it's fair too... sigh! >_<


I think that's about it :D I didn't think much after my com is fixed, I guess I letted off all my stress on the 4 hours consecutive gaming on my sis com, which is great...

I'll try to continue this blog for as long as I remember to update it :D

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Booking in blues part 6 (5 more weeks to POP...)

Tomorrow's booking in timing is 2015, shiok! But talking about blogging, I forgotten to write what happen last week >_< Probably too stressed with arm skote... I wrote a diary however, but I don't think I'll type it out, it's not pleasant to read too... guess I'll have to forget it and type what really happen this week...


There we go, the Sitest that I have to excel in to achieve my goals to enter SISPEC... Even though my worse nightmare is to be together in the same details with morons... and my worse nightmare came true during the 1st day of Sitest...

When the details is announced, I know I'm doomed... One of the person whom I pay a lot of attention on is by this guy nicked "Chiam", which is one of my schoolmates in Ghim Moh Secondary School back then... You know, people who act as if they are smart will work effectively... but he does a little extra, cause he acts if he's smart, he tends to make you look stupid... in fact, all my group members are like this... I was like "That's it... my dreams are gone..."

"Sickest" Sitest Day 1

The day where I get a shock out of my life. So many officers with different colour uniform, different sizes, and they simply look like bosses, cooks, salesman... ... nothing to say...

The 1st day was just an introduction to our mates, which is pretty pointless, cause we are leaded by Sgt Chris... I can say I got alot of things similar to Sgt Chris... as in the attitude towards others... but since I work under him, I'll have to comply... 1st day was indeed ended with at least 1 person (Sim), who shared the bashas with me...

The next 2 days I also don't wanna discribe much liao, it's fucked up... I guess my dream is gone.... came back tired with att b for 5 days... a bad dry cough, and back pain.. gosh, and it's only 5 weeks more only >_<

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Booking in blues part 5 (7 more weeks to POP...)

Today's booking in timing is 1845, sian... hopefully there's more time to prepare this week. This week is another BCCT, cocked up martial arts. Those that I can learn outside is much better than that. This week also introduced to us the SOC, omg! >_< I'm hoping that I can stand it! >_<

The Field Camp...

It was fine if you ask me, except I have to bear the 1st 3 days with the shitting feelings and with a large pile on my shit hole. Pretty terrible. Terrible till I can't remember what's going on on the 1st 3 days. But on the 4th day morning, I shitted everything, cause I know that day I will have tough training.

Indeed we have our tough training, camo ourselves and do some stuff others won't do, like fooling the location from the OC, it was hilarious! >_< But some misfortune incident happened when one of my platoon mate faint from dehydration. I was shocked and react immediately to call for medic. But that fucking driver just taking his nap there and act like nothing happen. Chee bye! >_<

But he's ok and the training goes on.

When it's time to co-operate with my section, of course, things doesn't goes well too and I became very pissed off. But after one of my section mates says, "You think you sergeant meh?" I was awoken. Yes, I hope to be a sergeant, but the way I act, they not happy I also understand. There's nothing I could do but to complain to my parents about it, and the same advise goes. "Do not butt into other people's business." I guess that'll remain as my motto from now on then.

On the 5th day, the day we leave the camp, the day we booked out, alot of things cocked up. My rations is in my field pack, before I know it, they brought it back to co. line. There goes my lunch... I was hungry and tired and they ordered us to clean our rifles. OMG! My cleaning kit is ALSO in my field pack... -_-.

What's worse, the stupid blank that I fired is faulty, which cause my whole rifle to jam badly! GOSH! When it's time to leave, I was 1/2 sian liao... Came back, feel quite unfamiliar with my surrounding, then I came back to bunk. Packed my stuff, and before I knew it, "SEND ARMS!"... "FUCK!" I thought, grab my "things" and rush down. (one of my bunk mates is pissed off for someone stealing his towel, well... he's my arm skurt 2IC...)

When sending arms, we are told to finish it in 2 min 30 sec. And I brief on my platoon for that. They seems letargic, so I expect we'll sure die. But I still put a little hope. "SEND ARMS!" the things started. When I finish, I was like, "Ok, quite fast..." then that fucking Sgt.Chris tells me 5 min +... WTF! Impossible... Then he say the timing between Platoon 1 and 2 mixed up and guess what, platoon 1's arm skurt 2 person genna, we whole platoon arm skurt genna, how unfair!

My morale went down. While bringing the book to my DI and sign, I did something that I never ever thought of doing, "complain...". I complained about that thing, and Sgt.Ngiam, the Sgt I respect the most tells me he'll handle it. I came back to the arm skurt, ordered to mop the floor, and I'm so moraleless that I dropped the mop like 10+ times accidentally (really accidentally)... Not only me, but alot also pissed off with Sgt.Chris, but I try to control myself about it. Yes, I shown him some fucked-up attitude when he ask me "What you've learn from this?", I replied him "Nothing, sergeant..." and walk off. When I saw my platoon is still there, I was like... "Hmm? What's going on?" (They should have march off for dinner). Sgt.Ngiam says he've told the whole platoon what happen, and the whole platoon will not move until we are done... I was like "OMG! THAT'S EVEN WORSE!" (personally I do not know what Sgt.Ngiam trying to do, but I thought it's another punishment...) I tell my assistant to hurry up and we march off for dinner. My morale is literally 0...

Before I booked out I saw Sgt.Ngiam, my thinking is either...
1) He'll just overlook this incident and well, it's normal for me....
2) He'll come over to ask me about the incident and we try to talk over it... which I don't expect that...

"2" really happened. I was like omg... I explained everything to Sgt.Ngiam and he clears up the air in the way it should be. He earns my respect even more >_<

I booked out with a super-heavy duffel bags, but I still managed to carry it all the way... I guess it's because I regain a little morale from Sgt.Ngiam... I don't really looking forward for book out, that should confirm about it...

This week...

Kinda bad I've said, I guess what I'll do is stay out of business from now on for my section... I'll just go through the next 5 days, and then... book out on a saturday evening....

Next week...

The week I've been looking for... The line between me and SISPEC. I'll not screw up like what I did at range, I'll do it as normal as I can, cause I know I'm a natural-born leader...

Gtg, need to rush through everything already, I'm afraid I might be late already. But anyway, wish me good luck! >_<

Field camp's photo!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Booking in blues part 4 (8 more weeks to POP...)

Today's booking in timing is 1830, pretty fine if you ask me... Plenty of time to get ready...

Tomorrow is the beginning of field camp. I can imagine how hellish it will be, yet my morale remains high... Why if you ask me? I personally think it's the time where I learn practical military skills and strategies from my Platoon Sergeant, 3SG Erizemen, who's ORD after this field camp. Mixed feeling when he punished us if you say that. Morale shoot down when he punish me, I was like struggling for push ups, crunches etc... Then when he recovered us, of course feeling shitty. But his phrase, "Your morale is always high..." really boast me alot... Though I do not know learning under pressure will do anything much, but surprisingly, I could remember most of the things he taught even with pressure... I'd certainly look forward to work with my section on the field camp no matter what. This is the army... even if anywhere I don't feel right, I'll just have to work with them... My section mate, LCP Ariffin, I trust him, I'm glad I'll be lead by him... But if I've been told to lead the section, I'll try my best...

To my platoon sergeant, 3SG Erizemen...
1) Thanks for nickname me, sniper... Though I couldn't really up to it...
2) All the best for your CD job!
3) All the best in managing your time for your GF ^_-

Incident recalled...

Talking about last week, if I can remember (I can't remember most of the things we went through, cause it's so normal), there are several incidents which is still in my mind...

1) The close combat training on friday is tough! Tough not as in what we've been told to do (physically), but tough in the stuff we've taught. Since where can you see Taekwondo + chinese Wushu into one? In army, my friend... When he teaches us the ready stance whatsoever, I know it's taekwondo... (I didn't waste my 2 1/2 years for nothing...) But when he teaches us other stuff, I was like @_@ wtf... sian... But frankly, the physical training is fierce too... feel the effect >_< Hate the instructor... (must be 1st dan from somewhere)

2) During 4 km route march somewhere in the middle before HH (I nickname it Hell Hill, the hill climb right after SISPEC), and after HH, I was screwed by my platoon mate (more like section mate) for why? For not sticking closed to the front man (which is another section mate). For fuck? I do not want to butt fuck him or what... Moreover I have a fucking pain on my back and my leg (all are old injuries) and it's just what? 1 steps (or 0) away from the front man to touch him... Chee bye... Looking at the front guy, it's even worse, I remember seeing a guy (or 2) at the right file (I'm at the left) slow down by 1 full position (That means the guy beside me, move back by 1 position cause the front slow down). Guess what I remember?

* My buddy, the guy beside my bed, shouted at me for saying "Look at the front...". (He shouted "What front?!" loudly) Super disappointed...
* Really wanna tell them, route march arn't butt fuck. Lag a few steps are not worse than lag a full position... Follow the guy at your left (or right)... We are humans, we tend to get tired or few recups of old injuries. They just don't understand...)

2nd incident is the most disappointing one... but I hope it'll not affect my performance in field camp. At the most next time I'll just go behind them, or ask them to move up then. There's worse examples at the front for them to shout, than to shout at me for doing my best. Disappointing... I don't go through uniform group for nothing... (even if I'm a damn corporal at NPCC... our timer is a cadat inspector (I think))

Gay? Or just finding trouble?

Last complain, dunno why there's a pappos around who "LOVES"... "HATES" whatever me so much, that when fall in, he must be near me. When I make a little mistakes, he'll comment. Fuckers if you ask me. A little mistake and he'll comment. Unhappy with him already. Well, I'll not mention who's him, if anyone reading this, guess it yourself... If you think it's you, then jolly well mind your own business. No need to order me around (telling me is worse enough, but I accept it if it's like that) cb understand?! Although I appreciate his effort on doing those stuff, there's time where I hate to be command around (especially when the time it's not necessary, like admin etc). (I hate bouncing boobs btw... if anyone understands what I'm trying to say, if not, stop imagining)...

The damn last week -_-

Well, at least let off my 50% grudges and whines. Who'll read it then? I'll just keep it as a reference myself then... Last week is shitty. I don't have a good mood cause my mum was sick and all these... gosh...


I never expected this... I was asking around information about SISPEC (from my PC, to my Sergeants, to my friends), how to get there, how fit those people are, how to qualify for SISPEC etc... To my surprise...
1) There wasn't anyone in my Coy's platoon for last batch who qualified for SISPEC! @_@
2) Obese tend to go to the other field than SISPEC
3) The average of the fitness there is IPPT silver!
4) For obese, SIT test must do VERY VERY well!
5) I can only do 1 pull up now!!!

ARGH! It was unexpected! I ask my friend how how how? He say dunno dunno dunno... I was like omg... Then he gave me some advices which I find it's useful (he's from SISPEC, currently undergoing Recce course starting 15th this month) for doing pull ups. I certainly hope it'll be useful...


As mentioned and I'll mention again, this week is field camp. And I'll be garang cause of a few reasons. Therefore I'll be super super pissed off with slackers. I'll see what I can write when I come back. Oh ya, I'll be thinking of keeping a diary for field camp if possible, but doesn't seems to have enough time to even cook our own rations... so I'll doubt it'll works. Anyway, wish me luck with learning and relationships ^_^


Semper Fi!
Do or die!
Gung ho!
Gung ho!
Gung ho!

- Platoon 2, Gryphon Coy

My own motto for the field camp... copied from platoon 3's drinking cheer...

Can do, do!
Cannot do, also must do!
Why wait so long?
Just shut up and do!
One for all!
All for one!

Good luck to my body (no old injuries recup) and myself (my mind)!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Booking in blues part 3 (9 more weeks and counting)

Wow, this time the book in time is 2045 hrs. Shiok? I don't think so...

Saturday book out was a shack. Having IPPT catagory test on saturday is just as shack enough. I predict I'll pass all except pull up. To my surprise, I REALLY pass everything except pull up. To another surprise, I CAN pull up once without kicking my legs!!! OMG!

2.4km I was thinking, "Aiya, I just play around in poly at that time (17:58 mins), so this time I sure can pass..." then I ran. I discover that wtf, I was panting like fuck. Running all my lives, I sprint like an idiot to the finishing line at the last 100m. And indeed, I passed, by a few seconds, WOW!

Tracing back, live range wasn't so bad. I scared of the sound at the 1st day, but getting used to it on the next few days. If not because of the gunpowder smell that makes me cough, I'll NOT missed the few shots... gosh...

In the night test, I remembered I missed 3 shots, but instead, they put me full score. Mixed feelings if you asked me, morale shot down. I missed 5 (27/32) at the day, graced pass the marksman I aimed by 1 shot. My heart sunked... -_-

Gosh, now my morale like shit, I don't feel like booking in but this is routine already. Looking at my section mate, I don't know if I can fight together with them well or not. Maybe it's just a fact, maybe it's just my imagination, maybe it's just my intuition. I don't know...

But nevertheless, I really hope to be screwed by my PS as much as possible right now, cause I really looking forward for him to teach some practical military strategies to us, cause he's gonna ORD...

Last but not least, I just hope that I'll buck up on my morale this week, cause field camp is just a weeks away... Ah... 9 weeks more to POP... now I'm really counting already...

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Booking in blues part 2...

Alright, it's a 1 hour earlier book in again... blues blues blues...

Manage to catch some sleep during friday night and a busy saturday starts with a bang lol....

I was woke up by some strange dreams... a dream which I hate the most, live range >_< Argh I hate the noise of the rifle, just hate it... and to think I'm aiming to be a sniper, gosh >_<

Anyway saturday was fun, I was scrolling with my ex-poly mates in seeking for my another ex-poly mates (now camp mates)'s birthday present. We bought a camel bag for him, which looks quite nice if you ask me. We also walking through carrefour which I'm guilty not buying...
1) A new bag which cost $19.90, in replacing my war-beaten bag...
2) An organ which I'm targetting for ($199).. (come on, I always wants to have one)
3) The most guilty, I didn't bought the sushi when I walk pass them >_< ARGH!!!

Anyway, we took 3 hours figuring out what to buy, and then we went to the "camp" site. I didn't feel that bored travelling thanks to my sis's mp3 players. Frankly, I rather listen to all my anime's op, ed than listening to any local radio stations, they simply sucks.

Well, gotten a warm welcome when we arrived there, shocked to see so many people, sit down to talk about life in army and last but not least, drink and eat as much as possible... >_<

Unexpected incident where I met one of my ex-poly friend who I used to hate the most. Well, I was on phone at that time anyway, greet and siamz :D (evil >_<) more important things on phone... (organising my arm skurt etc...)

Quite ok if you ask me, those friends over there all obese, except there are mild (me only -_-), moderate (that friend and some of his friend) and morbid (which is my ex project mates), but I can see all of them are turning fit lol

After that, went for a pool session with my neighbourhood friends till about 4am. What a day >_<

This week is my live range week, what shall I say? Looking forward? Unexplainable feelings... I like to shoot (in fact, my reason to come to army is to shoot), but why am I feeling so sick of shooting? I simply can't explain. Well... gotta live on also...

PS: Manage to find my platoon sergeant's friendster account (omg!). He's good with photoshop if you ask me...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Booking in blues...

Lol, always come to a booking in blues... feeling tired, sleepy, feel like eating... probably the first time I feel it this way...

But at least there are some morale boasting things happening around...
1) I got my 1st pay via bank. Feel like it's a real pay, woo >_<
2) At least I managed to play DOD at least twice (probably the 3rd time later)
3) At least I managed to catch up (anime) with whatever I watching

That seems to be a very good news for me :D

Well for this week, probably there are some new fresh stuff waiting for me, can't wait >_<
1) Live range (hate the sound of the gun)
2) 1st time eating (2nd time actually) combat rations
3) 1st time having route march

Not to mentioned the army way of training from Platoon Sergeant... woo >_< can't wait to book out in again... >_<

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Today is my book out day! Book out! Book out!

Actually it's last night :D And in fact I booked out last week too, just that I do not have much time to update this though >_< Gomen!

Anyway life's as normal in army, going through like it's my life. Tired? Lonely? Where are they? I'm just living normally except I've a goal, to train to qualify for SISPEC and to be a sniper ^_^

Meanwhile I never say I'm lifeless in army. At least there's lots of fun around. One of few which I remember is someone imitating my platoon sergeant lol.

"You think you've been through hell? I've been through worse!"
"Alright gentlemen, don't waste my time. Knock it down."
"Very sloppy gentlemen, very sloppy..."

Majiam like a parrot learnt how to speak lol... super funny...

I'll update accordingly as more to come :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

17th Augest BS^2 (Before Sleeping's BullSh*t)

NS matters

Feeling gan jiong, enthusiastic, and clueless. I don't know who'll be my room mate. Is it a beng? A book worm? An army enthusiastic? A gamer? I don't know. But I know I have to survive the short 2 weeks test to see if I'm qualified to reach my goal or not. I'll do whatever it takes to reach it, for sure.

Post on PaGn

Sigh, I'm thinking, since when will the stupid politics will end? Though it's a group of adults who think kids sux, and a bunch of people in a clan fighting for the unfair treatment from a fked up SGDOD community. I don't know and I feel like don't care anymore. Tireness overcomes me as I feel that my life outside the game glows strong. I'll remain as what I am, cause I'm no longer in a path of pure learning, I'm an adult who needs to work, to achieve goals and to start family...

Fitness and future

Nows the time to slim down and change myself :D I, who look nerdy (Cause I don't care my look), fat (cause I don't really care about it) will change my look and my attitude after entering army, to learn, to fight and to understand the real meaning of being an adult. Hope that I can find a girlfriend after my army :D Finding now is like tarnishing a flower, asking to wait for me 2 yr + is just as irresponsible as to have 1 night happiness and then throw away. I hate to be an irresponsible person.

That's it blogs and friends... Gotta sleep in a few mins time. I hope that while I'm in the army, my potential business partners will have and begin their development to be a true business partners, I'm not there to develop you, you have to develop yourself, or face the fact of being rejected, that's fact in life, face it.

Kami's Blog

Finally I started out a new blog, after a failure over at multiply :D

Feel like starting one since I'm going NS tml. I can report, complain, praise, kpkb to fellow friends about the life inside :D That means this blog gonna be inactive for at least 2 weeks. Hopefully I won't get confinement or what. Nah, I'm so kuai one, I won't get it one lah :D

Prepared everything, though feel pampered, but never mind, as this blog mentioned, orokamono means a fool, and I admit I am :D At least this 2 weeks without knowing whatever will and had happened inside. Once a foolish men, twice no more....

Gd luck to myself going in this hell, hope I can slim down :D

PS: STOP telling me to eat food, my friend... I wanna cut down on food from now on :D

To make up for this, I decided to post a poem I composed for the NS... it's kinda funny though, the one in yellow is those added by Terrix, my buddy, making it the truth of now :D But never it'll after I enter :D

The day where boys become men
The day where we can no longer LAN
No difference from the rest of them
For three years prisoned in the torturous camp

The day where I hand over my IC
When NS no longers makes me free
I must help to build a stronger kingdom
Even at a sacrifies of my own freedom

How I looking forward to ORD
And feast myself with bunch of sushi
Then I will finally have some peace
And, once again, I become obese

But I must serve for the loves one and for the country
Cause without them, it won't be me
Therefore, from the torture I shall not flee
I must struggle through hell with glee